The goal list, prettified


1.  start a memory garden for my lost lovies (cats mostly), plant cucumbers for my pickle goal

2.  put all those bleeping receipts in Quicken or die trying.  Or possibly make up a bunch of stuff then have a mini-bonfire while Jay isn’t looking

3.  prune the smaller (blooming) trees in the yard (front AND back)

4.  build fence around perimeter of the yard

5.  get a home security system

6.  buy patio furniture

7.  stolen from Larisa:  compile a cookbook of my favourite recipes

8.  replace all the spices in the spice rack (you’d think this would be somewhat easy!  we got this spice rack for our wedding and the spices I don’t use are uh, 7 years old.  Maybe I’ll just get a whole new spice rack of my own making so I can have space for the spices I actually use)

9.  speaking of spice racks, clean out the spice drawer so it’s not so cramped in there

10.  do something with all my vintage orange juice glasses (what?!?)

11.  keep deck cleaner, spend more time with the boys on the deck

12.  get fencing/childproof gates for deck to keep the boys ON the deck

13.  get rid of the gigantic mountain rock pile in the back 40

14.  have a semi-fancy dinner party with at least one other couple, possibly two

15.  learn how to make dill pickles

16.  install a sprinkler system

17.  build the shed, organize the inside

18.  get lawn mower fixed (I didn’t mean to break it!)

19.  plant the rose plant in a bigger pot, keep it alive for at least 6 months

20.  buy a new couch, figure out a better furniture situation for the living room

21.  steam clean the current couch and attempt to sell it on Craigslist

22.  sell futon

23.  organize a scrapbooking corner in the garage

24.  capture the 5 cats who hang out on our deck, have them neutered/spayed and try to convince them this is not their home (0/5)

25.  cut down the dead trees in the yard (2/5)

26.  replant at least 2 trees to replace the dead ones

Jay and me/family junk

27.  take a weekend trip without the boys

28.  see Kathy Griffin perform live

29.  get rest of wedding negatives reprinted

30.  start and finish wedding scrapbook album

31.  stolen from MC:  take a hot-air balloon ride or better yet, go see the hot air balloon festival in NM with my boys (all 3 of ‘em)

32.  get ILs to have a family portrait done, or at least get an updated family portrait of each family within

33.  when Maizy is old enough, have an updated family portrait of MY family done

34.  go see the leaves change in the fall.  I’m hoping this is somewhere like North Carolina or Savannah, GA.  Somewhere lovely.

35.  have wedding tapes made into one cohesive DVD

36.  find a baby-sitter we are not related to and actually leave the boys with him/her

37.  go camping with friends in the fall

38.  go out for date night at least once a month (how many months are in 1001 days? let’s just call it 30.  1/30)

Crafty stuff

39.  start albums for the boys, do a 1st year album for both of them

40.  finish Vegas trip album

41.  bake a pie from scratch (crust and all) for Thanksgiving or Christmas

42.  hang wedding pictures in bedroom

43.  figure out something to do with my wedding dress (pretty sure my boys won’t be wearing it…)

44.  go on a scrapbooking retreat

45.  make banana ice cream

46.  buy some thrift store wacky old dress and retrofit it, a la the New Dress A Day blog

47.  enlarge family picture and hang in living room

48.  hang more family pictures in hallways

49.  decorate the house for at least one Christmas!  Go as “all out” as one can.  Definitely do a lot of Christmas lights!

50.  print out all the photos I’ve taken and organize them, put into a system where scrapbooking them later on will be made easier b/c of the organization awesomeness

51.  make a t-shirt quilt

52.  make at least 5 gifts for Christmas (0/5)

53.  make something for Maizy

54.  make Amish friendship bread

Just Joyce (please think of Jack from “Will & Grace” when you read this, jazz hands!)

55.  continue to get pedicures once a month or as often as possible (0/30)

56.  visit my gramma and grampa once a month, at their place

57.  help/donate/volunteer at Christmas time–either adopt a family and give gifts or make a stocking for a teen in a shelter, that sort of thing

58.  also stolen from Larisa:  no fast food for one week (start small…)

59.  no fast food for one month

60.  clean out my car once a week (this will make Jay very happy)

61.  check patent office to see if my big idea exists already

62.  if said idea does not exist, take steps to get it patented and a mock-up created

63.  share my “big” secret in a blog post

64.  make using my cloth grocery bags a habit

65.  get an iPhone!

66.  put $$ into a jar for every curse word I use for one week, put that $$ into the boys’ account

67.  do one blog entry bi-weekly (once every 2 weeks) where I don’t mention the boys once, do this for 3 months straight

68.  get hair coloured, with red and blonde highlights

69.  get my hair relaxed (tee hee!)

70.  buy a nice pair of flip-flops and WEAR them.  who cares what my feet might look like!

71.  get my body in shape to the point where I’m not embarrassed about my thighs and have to wear shorts or skirt bottoms with my swim suits

72.  get laser hair removal because I can’t think of any point in my life where I’ll need my underarm hair

73.  get my eyes did.  I detest wearing my glasses, but can’t make myself wear contacts.  I need a permanent fix.

74.  write something.  attempt to get it published.  ::snort::  try to start a creative journal where I write my book ideas

75.  take sign classes and become a certified interpreter

76.  read an intelligent book, something that will teach me something I didn’t know previously

77.  read 5 books a year (you’d think that would be easy!), not counting youth fiction or children’s picture/chapter books (0/15)

78.  learn how to swim

79.  take a self-defense class

80.  watch the final 7 Brat Pack movies on my list (0/7)

81.  frame and hang degree

82.  do not spend money (unless it is on groceries) for an entire week, learn to make do with what I have, do this each year of the 1001 days (0/3)

83.  stealing from Ashley:  no soda OR tea for a MONTH.  OMG.  Does sweet tea vodka count?!  do this each year of the 1001 days (0/3)

84.  another one from Ash:  take a CPR class, especially one focusing on children/infants

85.  clean off laptop, empty out the hard drive as much as possible

86.  start using a new photo program other than iPhoto

87.  take one night a week for myself, try out yoga or something else that is relaxing

88.  donate $10 to ASPCA for every unfinished goal at the end of 1001 days

The boys need…

89.  swim lessons for the boys

90.  sell boys’ old clothes and toys, as warranted (to achieve this goal, sell all of the clothes from 0-12 months), put money into their savings account

91.  have blog posts from the boys’ first year printed out and bound

92.  do not buy toys for an entire month!  try to do this at least once each year of the 1001 days (0/3)

93.  take the boys to see snow, make snow angels

94.  teach the boys at least 5 signs a year, not counting the ones they already know (2/15):  taught them “daddy” and “baby”

95.  make the boys’ Halloween costumes again (at least for one Halloween during the 1001 days)

96.  pick seasonal fruit with the little guys

97.  visit a working farm, introduce the boys to actual farm animals

98.  skype regularly with my mom and dad so the boys are more familiar with them

99.  start putting more money ($10/week or so) into the boys’ bank account

100.  set up Texas Tomorrow (?) or education funds for the boys

101.  purge 5 toys a month from the boys’ stash

Now to commit this list to memory.  Oh, and obviously start working on them.

3 thoughts on “The goal list, prettified

  1. Okay, you’ve inspire me to make a goal list too!! How did you come up with so many…or is it the reverse how did you shorten your list to only100??!🙂

  2. Oooh! I like this one: 88. donate $10 to ASPCA for every unfinished goal at the end of 1001 days.

    That should help keep you on the ball, huh?!🙂 I want to make a list!

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